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Your Help Guide to Safer Sexting

Your Help Guide to Safer Sexting

If you are planning to sext, you must know how exactly to get it done properly and responsibly. Our sexting guidelines makes it possible to protect your privacy as well as your relationships.

Let us be perfectly clear: Sexting will be 100 percent never secure but many people are likely to sext anyway. And that is fine! At PCMag, we think really highly in perhaps perhaps maybe not someone that is yucking yum. You will continually be using some danger whenever you send or get slutty communications, pictures, or videos. You should not sext if you do not want to take any risks. Period. For everybody else, we humbly provide these strategies for making your titillating messages a bit more protected.

We originally tackled this topic in 2015, however in light for the Jeff Bezos/National Enquirer blackmail scandal we are dusting it well and upgrading it for 2019.

What’s Sexting, and just why Are Individuals Carrying It Out?

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