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Thus, the invention provides an air-conditioned environment obtained using such a method, which, if desired, can either contain cells of the invention or essentially not contain cells of the invention. As any of the steps for isolating the stem cells of the invention or lipid derivative lattice, the invention relates to a kit for isolating such эдьюкейшн reagents from adipose tissue. The kit can be used, for example, as a dedicated source of stem cells, which can then be reintroduced from the same person as intended. Thus, the kit can facilitate the isolation of lipo-derived stem cells for implantation into a patient in need of growth of the desired tissue type, even in the same procedure.

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Of course, if desired, the cells of the invention and population can be reused sequentially for conditioning the medium. In other applications (for example, for co-culturing the cells of the invention with other types of cells), the cells can be left in an air-conditioned environment.

In this regard, the lipo-derivative lattice may be mixed with other suitable lattice materials, such as described above. Of course, the invention relates to compositions comprising a lipo-derivative lattice and cells or cell populations, such as the lipo-derivative cells of the invention, as well as other cells (especially other types of stem cells). The cells of the invention (and cell populations) can be used for many purposes. As noted, cells can support the growth and reproduction of other types of cells, and the invention relates to methods for implementing this. In one aspect, the invention relates to a method for conditioning a culture medium using the stem cells of the invention and to an conditioned medium obtained in this way.

In this regard, the kit may also include a medium for cell differentiation, such as the above. As will be appropriate, the cells can be exposed to the medium to primirovat them for differentiation within the patient in need. Of course, the kit can be used as a convenient source of stem cells for in vitro manipulation (for example, cloning or differentiation, as described here).

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In any case, being cloned or non-cloned, the isolated cells can be cultured until the right moment when their developmental phenotype can be predicted. As noted, the cells of the invention possess at least two of the above developmental phenotypes. Thus, one or more cell extracts of a given clone can be processed in order to determine if it has such an evolutionary potential. Of course, you can also use a specific environment to induce differentiation. Thus, exposure to stem cells from about 1 μM to about 10 μM insulin in combination with from about 10 −9 to 10 −6 M (for example, about 1 μM) dexamethasone can induce adipogenic differentiation.

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Such induction is achieved by exposing the cells of the invention to conditions that mimic those within the fetus and embryo. For example, cells of the invention or population may be co-cultured with cells isolated from fetuses or embryos or in the presence of amniotic fluid. On these lines, cells can be induced to differentiate into any of the aforementioned mesodermal lines of differentiation by co-culturing them with mature cells of the corresponding type or their predecessors. Thus, for example, myogenic differentiation can be induced by culturing the cells of the invention with myocytes or precursors, and similar results can be achieved with respect to other tissue types noted herein. Other methods of inducing differentiation are known in the art and many of them can be used as suitable.

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Such a medium, if desired, may also include other agents, such as indomethacin (for example, from about 100 μM to about 200 μM), and preferably the medium does not contain serum. Myogenic differentiation can be induced by exposing the cells to 10 μM to about 100 μM hydrocortisone, preferably in a serum-rich medium (for example, containing from about 10% to about 20% serum (bovine, horse, or a mixture thereof)). Chondrogenic differentiation can be induced by exposing cells to about 1 μM to about 10 μM insulin and from about 1 μM to about 10 μM transferrin, from about 1 ng / ml to 10 ng / ml transforming growth factor (TGF) β1, and from about 10 nM to about 50 nM ascorbate-2-phosphate (50 nM). For chondrogenic differentiation, cells are preferably cultured at high density (for example, about several million cells / ml or using a micromass culture method) and also in the presence of low amounts of serum (for example, from about 1% to about 5%).


  • Thus, for example, cells can be cultured or seeded on biocompatible lattices, such as, for example, a lattice comprising intercellular matrix material, synthetic polymers, cytokines, growth factors, etc.
  • In another embodiment, the kit can be used to isolate a lipoderivative lattice, as described herein.
  • In such applications, cells are cultured on substrates that facilitate the formation of three-dimensional structures that promote tissue development.
  • Of course, the kit can be used as a convenient source of stem cells for in vitro manipulation (for example, cloning or differentiation, as described here).
  • To obtain such structures, the cells of the invention and population are maintained under conditions suitable for them to multiply and divide to form target structures.

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The lipo-derivative matrix can be isolated from adipose tissue simply as described above, except that it will be present in the non-cellular fraction. For example, adipose tissue or its derivatives (for example, the fraction of cells after centrifugation, as discussed above) can be subjected to ultrasound or thermal treatment and / or enzymatically processed to isolate intercellular material. эдьюкейшн It is also desirable to destroy the cellular fraction of adipose tissue, for example, by treatment with lipases, detergents, proteases and / or by mechanical or ultrasonic disruption (for example, using a homogenizer or an ultrasonic disintegrator). However, once isolated, the material is initially viscous, but it can subsequently be processed, if desired, depending on the desired end goal.

Video transcoding is required to reduce its size and to ensure a continuous and comfortable playing at any speed of the Internet.

The medium becomes conditioned when the cells are exposed to the desired culture medium under conditions sufficient for the cells to condition the medium. Typically, the medium is used to support the growth of cells of the invention that secrete hormones, cellular matrix material, and other factors into the medium. After a suitable period of time (for example, one or several days), the culture medium containing secreted factors can be separated from the cells and stored for later use.

In another embodiment, the kit can be used to isolate a lipoderivative lattice, as described herein. To obtain such structures, the cells of the invention and population are maintained under conditions suitable for them to multiply and divide to form target structures.

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Thus, the lattice can be obtained in hydrated form, or it can be dried or lyophilized essentially in an anhydrous form or powder. After that, the powder can be re-hydrated for use as a substrate of cell culture, for example, by suspension in a suitable medium for cell cultivation.

Ramot University Authority For Applied Research And Industrial Development, Ltd. The use according to claim 1, where the liposuction effluent is obtained from humans. A “stem cell” is a pluripotent cell with the ability to differentiate in accordance with at least two different evolutionary pathways.

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